Don't Be a Pirate

Energym Music has the BEST customers in the world! Occasionally, our great customers become accidental music pirates simply because they aren't aware of the laws and rules. We want to help you stay honest, legal within the US Copyright Laws, and to understand the Energym Music Terms and Conditions.

When you buy music from any company, including Energym, you are bound by certain US Copyright Laws. When you buy music from Energym Music, you are bound by Energym's user "Terms And Conditions." Here are some general guidelines that will help you stay within those rules and laws.

When you buy floor music from Energym, you buy the rights to use that music for one gymnast. That right cannot be transferred to another gymnast.

Gymnasts and Parents

  • You may make as many CD or MP3 copies as you need for one gymnast.
  • You may not sell, give away, or "hand down" your music to another gymnast OR leave it with a coach for future gymnasts.
  • "Ripping" copyrighted music (almost all of it is) from YouTube and putting it on a CD or MP3 is illegal. We urge you not to do this.

Coaches and Meet Sponsors

  • You may keep a copy of a gymnast's music provided that gymnast is actively using that piece of music. It's a good idea for the coach to have a copy in case the gymnast forgets to bring it!
  • You may not build a library of floor tracks to keep in your gym and give to other gymnasts since tracks are purchased for use by one gymnast.
  • You may not keep floor tracks brought to a meet by gymnasts. This would violate US Copyright Law and would be stealing music from the gymnast. Please delete all MP3s from your systems at the end of the meet.
  • If you are sponsoring a meet, the venue where the meet is held is required by US Copyright Law to have the appropriate performance licenses obtainable from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC

Urban Myths

  • Myth:

    "Once I buy the music, I can do anything I want with it."
  • Truth:

    You never actually buy the music. What you purchase is the right to use the music within certain guidelines. The music always remains the property of the publisher.
  • Myth:

    "I can pay someone to "cut" music from the original artist's CDs".
  • Truth:

    When original artist's songs are "cut" together or edited in any way, this constitutes a new product in the eyes of copyright law. So if someone charges to do this, they are selling a new product to which they do not have the rights. This is not legal, even if they claim they are only charging for the editing service.
  • Myth:

    "It's fine to just rip music off the internet to use. No one will care."
  • Truth:

    It's against the law. It's dishonest. And there are people who DO care. The world is getting smaller and the internet has made it easier for copyright owners to find those who are violating their copyrights. Ever hear of a spybot?

Some Technical Terms

  • Master Use License - Without this license (which is generally very expensive and hard to obtain) it is not legal to "cut" an artist's recording of a song and redistribute it. This is why Energym never edits someone else's recordings.
  • Mechanical License - This license grants the right to record and distribute a song. Energym obtains this license for each non-original song we record and sell.
  • Performing Rights License - This license must be obtained by any venue, such as a gym, which plays music for an audience, such as during a competition.
  • Synch License - This license must be obtained in order to combine music and video together in one medium. Without this license, videos posted on YouTube may not be legal.

We are not attorneys, so this does not constitute legal advice.