About Energym

Energym Music has been creating dynamic music for the winning edge since 2003.

Our music has been used by state champions, regional champions, X-Cel newbies, and Elite veterans (including Olympians!) -- girls from Hawaii to Alaska, California to Maine, and international gymnastic competitors, too! Energym Music is a world-wide leader in athletic performance music!!

Energym Music's creator, Larry Hall, has been a professional music producer since….. well, let's just say for more than 35 years! His music has won many regional and national awards. In fact, his music is heard world-wide on the radio, on television, in movies, and, of course, on iTunes. You may have heard his music and said, "That would be a good Energym Music track!"

Our studio is based near Nashville, TN -- where we have access to some of the best musical talent in the world. You'll never guess the famous people who have played on YOUR song!! Energym Music has an incredible studio and uses fabulous musicians and state-of-the-art instruments to make your incredibly fabulous gymnastics floor music! Larry Hall uses Roland keyboards.

Great music is our gift and passion -- we hope you enjoy performing to Energym Music.

We LOVE making music for you!