Xcel-lent Music for your Littles!

Xcel-lent Music for your Littles!

We are listening to YOU!

Xcel-lent Music for use with your youngest gymnasts.

You receive 6 pieces of ORIGINAL Energym Music

3 songs:  each in 30 seconds & 45 seconds

Delivered by CD or Flash Drive AND

ALL orders receive an email with the song files attached.

The 3 songs feature:

  • The same Structure & Tempo
  • EASY to hear choreography hit points
  • Graduated musical difficulty
  • Different musical styles
  • And they are licensed for your XCEL TEAM use

How do you use them?

  • Use for :30 floor routines & easily graduate to the :45 version
  • Keep gymnasts interested in their floor routines: start with one piece and change music as the season progresses
  • Teach gymnasts to listen for choreography cues
  • Teach your experienced gymnasts how to choreograph
  • Use this fun music for your various levels of rec kids

Energym Music’s Xcel-lent Music is only

$100 for ALL 6 pieces!

YOU save MORE than 50% off our regular price

NOT available by download or LINK. CD or Flash Drive orders ONLY. ALL orders receive an email with the song files attached within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Energym Music owns all rights to this original music. Energym Music gives you permission to use THIS original Energym Music for an entire team. Other music on our web-site is to be used for 1 gymnast, as per US Copyright law.